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  • Free places available - B1.1, B1.2 and B1+ German Courses in the heart of Berlin 2016-04-29

        Have you attended several  German language courses already but still  struggle to speak ?   Can you form  perfect sentences in your head , but when you try t... » more

  • New A1.1 German Courses start 9 May! 2016-04-25

        On 9 May , two new A1.1 German courses will commence: German for Beginners Intensive Course - for anyone wishing to learn German in a fast and effective way. Ge... » more















Interview of the month
DAS Interview des Monats - Mai
  What is your name and where are you from? My name is Natalí Abarca Pinto and I am from Chile.   What is special about your home town ? Santiago is my home town. This city is the capital of Chile, It's the biggest of Chile. It's surrounded by the Andes Mountain (this is the most beautiful of city).   How long have you been in Berlin and what do you like about the city? I've been in Berlin 1 month and a half. I like of Berlin its big and beautiful parks, culture of the bike and cosmopolitan life.   Which language are you studying at DAS Akademie? I am studying... » more


DAS Gallery

DAS Gallery
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Students` opinions
  • Naoto Kumagai Japan / Deutsch als ...
    Ihre Atmosphäre ist sehr gut. Sehr nett finde ich . Es war Zufall. Ich bin in Mitte spazieren gegangen und da habe...
    » more
  • Francesca Capello Italien / Studentin ...
    All teachers are very nice! I decided for DAS Akademie because I saw the poster from the street and the school is...
    » more
  • Anne aus Denemärk/ Stude...
    Ich habe sehr viel gelernt und ich denke, dass es für mich mehr gunstig ist Deutsch zu sprechen. Ihr sind alle...
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